Why are pure Essential Oils relatively expensive?

The price of 100% Sigle Essential Oils varies upon the difficulty of extraction, the complexity to get the plant materials and the amount of oil obtained. Some plants produce essential oil at high quantity, which make the price tag relatively low, while some produce a small amount of essential oil, that leads to basically high price tag. (remark: all 100 pure essential oils, regardless of prices, have aromatherapeutic benefits for body and mind because they are born to be our life partners).

An example is, today, rose essential oil ranks the top of the price list according to its supremely delicate acquisition procedures from beginning to end including its broad-spectrum benefits. The rose flowers must be hand-picked very early in the morning in the exact timing between May and June and distilled in a flash. It does require extremely high amount of rose petals calculated to be about 242,000 pieces to distill approximately just 5ml of rose oil.