Just Relax Essential Oil Blended Duo


• Aroma Diffuser 100 ml.
• No.01 Sleep Well essential oil blend 10ml
• No.06 Stress Away essential oil blend 10ml



Methods of Use

Methods of Use

  • Please use the measuring cup to supply water from the water pipe. Fill the tank with water. Pay attention to the filled water level; do not exceed the max line on the water tank and please never fill in water during operation.
  • Drop essential oil into water tank vertically. The dosage is about 2-3 drops (about 0.1-0.15ML) per 100ML water.
  • Install the cover of the main body with the original channel and please connect the AC adaptor with family user power supply socket.
  • Press the LIGHT on, you can choose ON/OFF state of the LED light.
  • Press the “MIST” button
    • Press 1st time is green light : aroma diffuser works as the interval mist
    mode (work 30 seconds, stop 30 seconds).
    • Press 2nd is red light : aroma diffuser runs as the continuous work mode
    • Press 3rd is OFF the operation.


  • Product Size: (D)100mm×(H)140mm
  • Rated Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ I DC 24V
  • Output Power: 12W
  • Capacity: 100ml

Additional information

Weight 500 g