How to check 100% Pure Essential Oils ?

100 % Pure Essential Oil checklist.

  • The Essential Oil labels basically specify 100% Natural Essential Oil.


  • The Essential Oil labels basically specify plant botanical name of plant used.


  • The Essential Oils are basically bottled in amber glass bottles to preserve quality and extend shelf life as Essential Oils can be oxidized or deteriorated when exposed to Oxygen and sunlight.


  • The Essential Oils have distinctively strong natural smells with complex sensorial dimensions according to multiple natural compounds within (some Essential Oils even have sensory that smell like drugs).


  • When inhaling Essential Oils, you can observe the physical reactions right away such as feeling relaxed and rejuvenated or feel the movement of Essential Oil super tiny molecules traveling from nose to up to head or down to throat before transmitting to whole body (while the smells of synthetic fragrances only linger at nose tip).


  • 100% pure Essential Oils are in liquid form similarly to water (low viscosity), while vegetable oils are thick and sticky.


  • 100% pure Essential Oils are clear in color and not turbid. They may contain pigment or no.


  • 100% pure Essential Oils vaporize quickly and will not leave stains on clothes.