About Us

“ Discover the divine love of plants “

It all started with our passion in the sensuality of aromatic plants. Then, we became deeply connected with the plant energy therapy, when we realize that the healing kindness of mother earth manifest in every essential oil’s molecules.
At Sabai arom, we put our great intentions in creating the beautiful aromatherapy blends to open your heart and lighten your mood anytime, and anywhere you need.
Simply breathe in our essential oils with mindful heart and you will be touched with the unconditional love of nature, realizing that you are not and will never be alone on this divine planet.”

Our Mission

To empower people to self-care for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being by inviting essential oils to be their everyday life companions.

Essential Oils

“Plants exist not for themselves alone. They produce chemistries all life needs to live, and they heal other organisms that are ill.”

– Stephen Harrod Buhner –

La Provence… the Land of Essential Oils.

Meet The Founder

“I have long searched for sustainable happiness until I discovered about the profound secrets of essential oils that bring clarity to my life’s mission. Today, essential oils is not only my life companion, but also its purpose.
I hope that I could share my faith in essential oils to all of you through Sabai-arom products. Hopefully, they can lighten your hearts the way they do to mine”.

Sasathorn Nasongkhla.